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Honeywell Total Connect 2.0 Remote Services.

With Honeywell Total Connect™ Remote Services,
users can control security, thermostats, lighting, locks, receive alerts and more.

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TotalConnect2.0 Services: 

With the tap of a finger, the Total Connect Remote Services apps let you control your security system,
receive text messages and e-mail alerts—even view live video, event-driven video clips and pictures on your
iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch®, BlackBerry® or Android™ devices.

The Honeywell Total Connect 2.0 is not a piece of hardware.

It’s a system of remote services unrivaled in our industry.
Total Connect 2.0 allows for a spectrum of interaction never before seen.
Please, take a moment and get to know Total Connect 2.0

* What could be more appealing than that?
* Requires a Honeywell Security System and Total Connect Remote Services subscription *

Package For L3000 *Spring Special*

(1) NEW L3000 Wireless Control Panel,
(2) 5816WMWH Door/Window Transmitters,
(1) 5800PIR-RES Wireless PIR,
(1) 5834 4 Four Button Wireless Remote,
(1) 4G Digital Cellular Communicator,

$249.00 "Outright Sale" From $27.50 Monthly Monitoring Charge w/Monitoring Agreement! 

Package for LYNX L5200

(1) NEW L5200 LYNX Touch Wireless Control Panel,
(3) 5816WMWH Door/Window Transmitters,
(1) 5800PIR-RES Wireless PIR,
(1) 5834 4 Four Button Wireless Remote, 
(1) GSMVLP5-4G Digital Cellular Communicator,

$599.00 "Outright Sale" from $39.00 Monthly Monitoring Charge w/Monitoring Agreement!


More Than a Home Alarm System in the St Louis Metropolitan Area. 

PAC Armor gives you more than a home alarm system – you get peace-of-mind. TotalConnect is a versatile, technologically advanced home security system that can do so much more than other home security systems out there. Check out some of the great additional features below:

  • Best Home Security Technology – Our all-digital wireless home alarm system was designed using 20 patents, making it a system that has technology you won’t find anywhere else in the world.
  • Home Alarm System Monitoring – All PAC Armor systems have around-the-clock professional monitoring, so if there is an emergency, help will be called immediately. No matter where you are in the world, you’ll also get text and email alerts if there is a break-in, a fire, or water in your basement. Why leave your home security to chance?
  • Advanced Security Features – You can setup personal notifications and always know what’s going on at home. Use interior sensors to check in on an elderly parent or keep a watchful eye on your kids. Or, you might want to know when something doesn’t happen. What if your kids never open the front door after school? Or your elderly parent doesn’t open their medicine cabinet to take their prescription? PAC Armor home security systems allow you to set custom alerts so you’re always the first to know.
  • Comprehensive Protection – PAC Armor offers 24-hour home alarm monitoring for burglary, as well as the option to monitor your home for fire/smoke, carbon monoxide, and other home emergencies.
  • Convenience – You can download TotalConnect apps to your smart phone and tablet to keep tabs on your home at all times. It doesn’t get easier than this! If you have internet access, you’ll know what is going inside your house. You can also set up text and email alerts when doors open and close in your home, maintenance reminders, even add birthdays and personal appointments! You’ll receive text and email alerts, as well as see messages on your PAC Armor keypad before you leave the house each day.
  • TotalConnect™ powered by Honeywell – Arm and disarm your home security system through your cell phone or secure online portal. Plus, get text and email alerts! For example, you could live in St Louis and activate/deactivate your Florida home security system while on vacation in San Francisco! ADT and other home alarm companies will charge you a higher monthly security monitoring fee for providing only some of these services – with PAC Armor you get TotalConnect™ service for FREE included in your monthly monitoring fee.

Honeywell’s LYNX Touch 5200 all-in-one home and business control system features a bright, 4.7" full-color touchscreen with graphic icons and intuitive prompts for easy operation. It features live video on demand, Z-Wave® automation capabilities, advanced alarm communications, garage door notification and control, tornado alerts for U.S. and Canadian residents, and remote software upgrade-ability.

The Wi-Fi® module offers the lowest cost alarm communications (including two-way voice) and remote services solution – saving installation time and reducing monthly operating costs.

LYNX Touch 5200 provides security dealers with the flexibility they need to service all of their customers, whether they rely on mobile phones or VoIP.

Honeywell’s LYNX Connect app provides consumers with the ability to use an iOS or Android™ device to view video and operate the system on premises.

The Z-Wave connectivity module lets installers integrate security, lighting, locks, thermostats, water valves and more – for local and remote control. With Honeywell Total Connect™ Remote Services, users can control security, thermostats, lighting, locks, receive alerts and more with most smart phones, tablets and computers.

For Demonstration: LYNX Touch 5100,5200 & Tuxcedo Touch Systems!

"Click or Tap - to view the Video's"

Operation for the TotalConnect Camera's
"Click or Tap on the bottom left image"

Honeywell Lynx Touch 5100 Self-Contained Wireless Alarm Kit  A touchscreen keypad means fast and easy control. With a color screen and large icons, you can navigate and set your new alarm system with zero frustration.                Honeywell Lynx Touch 5200 Kit The L5200 also now has more zones and the ability to view Honeywell IP cameras on screen. This is even better than the L5100 model that came before it

The magnificent, 7" high-resolution graphic touchscreen is the easiest, most affordable way to tie all of the technology in your customers’ homes and businesses together—including security, cameras and Z-Wave® enabled thermostats, lights, locks and shades               Total Connect can also incorporate video services through a highly secure Internet connection. This means you can see real live video footage of your home or business property when you are away.
Want to see and hear what the Tuxedo Touch with Voice can do?
This short video demonstrates some of the features of this exciting technology


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